The Sacred Success Blueprint

The Sacred Success Blueprint 

From Passion to Purpose & Prosperity, With Ease

The step-by-step formula to overcome procrastination, insecurity and overwhelm so you can serve the world, live your purpose + pay the mortgage…teaching Yoga.

The Sacred Success Blueprint 

From Passion to Purpose & Prosperity, With Ease

The step-by-step formula to overcome procrastination, insecurity and overwhelm so you can serve the world, live your purpose + pay the mortgage…teaching Yoga.

The Sacred Success Blueprint 

From Passion to Purpose & Prosperity, With Ease

The step-by-step formula to overcome procrastination, insecurity and overwhelm so you can serve the world, live your purpose + pay the mortgage…teaching Yoga.

It can feel like a gigantic leap to go from being a student to being a teacher of Yoga. You question if you know enough, have enough, are enough. 

You keep taking training, but you don’t feel “ready”.  

Your partner gives you a hard time about all the money you have spent, and your friends ask when you are going to teach them something.

You feel the pressure, but you also feel unsure of what to do next.

You wonder how to get started…how to approach the studio you love, start your own business or attract students. You don’t want to sound sales-y, or pushy.

You question if you have what it takes, and you may have already spent weeks, months or maybe years thinking about getting started teaching but you just haven’t taken the leap.  


Maybe, you have taught for a while but you are feeling like it’s not quite coming together for you. You don’t see the numbers in your class or your bank account. You feel like you are not clear on who it is you want to serve or what you really want to teach. You have done a TON of training and you create great classes, but something is not quite clicking for you. 

If you are struggling, you are not ALONE.

Many of us don’t know how to get started, and the inner fears about being a “fraud” or not knowing enough are just that – fears.

It’s time to align yourself to something powerful, and proven and say yes to a teacher who truly supports you in your dharma. 

You don’t have to keep spinning your wheels on this. You are losing valuable time, and your potentials students are missing out on what you have to offer.  

There really is no failure, but there is the agony of never trying. Unlived dreams are the real killer in this life.  

Giving up on your purpose is a travesty. And the world needs you now. 

You long to share the practice that has changed your life. You feel a deeper purpose calling you. You know that this is your time. 

You also know that the world needs Yoga like never before, and you would like to contribute to that…but the overwhelm, insecurity and fear feels big and confusing.  

You look at other teacher you admire and think “I wish I could be like that.”  

There is good news. It is NORMAL to feel the fear of stepping into the new and the unknown.

It takes courage to put yourself out there and stand in front of a class. It is a leap to go from following to leading so we all need support in doing that. That support is before you now…  

Imagine knowing you are changing people’s lives and contributing to a better Earth every darn day! Imagine leaping out of bed every morning enthusiastic about your life, your teachings and your students. Imagine being clear on what you are here to do, whom you serve, and having a clear path of action to do so. Imagine going to bed at night with a deep sense of gratitude and satisfaction. Imagine doing what you LOVE, and having a great income that affords you the ability to travel, to learn and to live the life you desire. Imagine truly knowing your your soul’s purpose and feeling that you are actually LIVING it.  

My name is Shasta Townsend. I am a best-selling author, transformational leader and Yoga teacher.

And I help passionate Yogis become successful Yoga teachers. 

I’ve taught Yoga for two decades. 

I’ve made 7-figures doing it, and seen thousands of people transform their lives thanks to this practice. 

I do what I love. Change people’s lives and make a good living doing it. 

I created and followed a “blueprint” that ensured I was aligned to purpose, serving passionately and in turn receiving prosperity back. 

I am excited to share my “secret” blueprint with you!  

In The Sacred Success Blueprint, you receive my best stuff. 

You learn how I created a thriving career out of Yoga and how I went from struggling with insecurity, paying the mortgage, and beating myself up to living my dharma, creating a lifestyle.  

You CAN start teaching Yoga with confidence, clarity and conviction…I will show you how. 

This proven step-by-step blueprint is the missing link to go from trainee to teacher. This is your special invitation… 

This is THE BLUEPRINT to success that will create more ease, abundance and help you serve higher! Stress, struggle and lack are not a sign of spiritual success! 

Don’t be fooled by outdated thinking that suggests you can’t love what you do and have financial and personal ease, or that financial success is somehow not holy. It’s time to be the model of ease, success and passion for our students, our family and our kids. The Universe is literally calling us all to stand in our light and SHINE. This can all be easy…once you have the tools, mindset shifts and know-how. I will show you how to create a successful Yoga teaching career and service-focused business that will allow you to wake up everyday feeling alive with passion, and at the same time feel stress-free about paying the mortgage and living the life you desire.”  

It’s NOT about branding, manipulation or a thousand social media posts!

When I first started over 15-years ago, I felt overwhelmed by all the business advice out there, but I learned that creating a successful, authentic and easeful Yoga teaching career or holistic business is not about manipulation or spending a thousand hours on Twitter. 

 It’s about YOU as a teacher...Your passion. Your desire. Your intention to serve. It’s about showing up in your authentic self, claiming your niche, being open to give and receive, and sometimes even rocking the boat a little.

I will show you how to KNOW what is really important to you, how to claim it, how to MAGNETIZE students to you, and how to tap into your own genius to bring that to a world that desperately needs inspiration, wisdom and connection. 

How this Online Course Works

In this online course, I walk you through a transformative 8-week course that covers the full terrain on how to create tremendous success as Yoga teacher as well as offer you tools, resources and tips that will support you on the entire journey. 

Upon registration you will receive a username and password to access your course content. 

Course content never expires.  

Here’s Your Blueprint Overview

Week One: Foundational Success + Desire Unleashed

Yoga is a $6 billion business and yet many teachers don’t have a business mindset or even know how to get hired or started! This module answers the questions: How do I get started? How do I get hired? How do I get paid? How can I teach at the studio I LOVE? What are my next steps? We start off by giving you the tools for immediate success and easeful action.  

In this first module you will learn:

  • How to think like an entrepreneur to ensure win-win success including what Yoga studio owners, and business entrepreneur are looking for from new and current teachers and how you can appeal to them to get HIRED TODAY. 
  • How to tap into your Desire, deepest intention and identify your values so you know where, who or what you want to be teaching. 
  • Your next steps, and how to take them with clarity and ease.  

Week Two: Your Signature Passion + The Power of Niche

There is literally so much to teach, share and learn, but it is a HUGE mistake to be a jack-of-all trades teacher. Having a niche or your “signature” passion and area of expertise sets you apart and helps you serve at a higher level.

In this module you will learn:

  • What a really niche is and why having one is a serious advantage for you and your students. 
  • What the hot niches are in Yoga and holistic healing. 
  • How to identify YOUR niche and what you REALLY want for yourself as a teacher so you avoid wasting time and energy.  

Week Three: Unconscious Success + Mindset Mastery

Keeping it small, playing into fear and energizing the stories of “not-enough-ness” are not serving you or your students, but neither is overworking, struggle and working really, really hard. There is an easier way and it all starts from how we BE (not what we do)! You can literally magnetize students, success and all you desire to you, and Shasta will show you how.

In this module you will learn:

  • What Law of Attraction really is and how to use it for success so you start experiencing your dream life now. 
  • Why your mindset and energetic set point is the most powerful tool you have and how you can shift it to become a powerful, masterful creator.  
  • A daily practice to magnetize all you desire with ease, and have FUN doing it! (Your energy, presence and vibration are KEY.)  

Week Four: Magnetizing Success + Making Peace with Money

Our birthright is to experience all the glory of this life while serving the very highest in our world, yet many of us have blocks to success and outdated money mindsets. We literally keep our beauty, joy and ease at bay. It’s time to heal our relationship to money, and to be an inspired example of passionate service for our students so that they truly witness the power of Yoga to create success in all areas of life. 

In this module you will learn:

  • How to identify “money” and success stories that are blocking you from success.  
  • How to honor money as a means to live a life of grace, a gift from Source and a tool to stand in service. 
  • A powerful Forgiveness practice for money that will help heal the attraction to struggle, not-good-enough, or the fear of appearing “greedy”.  

Week Five: Dare to Share - The Art of Being Seen, Stress Free

One of the scariest things about teaching (and public speaking) is standing up, speaking up and truly being seen yet this is THE very art of teaching well. The voice of “Who the hell am I to do this?” and our insecurity about not knowing enough and being judged can hold us back. But being seen and truly sharing our self is one of the fastest way to grow a following AND to serve your students. You don’t need branding. You need connection and authentic sharing. 

In this module you will learn:

  • How to overcome fears about being seen or judged and how to release criticism or feedback you have received. 
  • How to identity, own and share to your gifts with grace. 
  • How to tell a great “story” that invites others to connect with you and see your authenticity and passion.  

Week Six: Transformational Marketing - The Art of the Relationship + Authenticity

Having a successful teaching career means you have to be willing create relationships and invite people to experience Yoga as the life changing technology you know it is! It also means you have to put yourself out there and actually tell people you teach Yoga and invite them to class. This can feel salesy or weird, but you can learn to connect and “market” with ease. 

In this module you will learn:

  • A secret ingredient to marketing, communicating and sharing that will ensure sold out classes and offerings.  
  • How to identify supporters and build relationship inside your Yoga community and out.
  • How to “Ask for the business” or support without sounding salesy or pushy.  
  • How to get testimonials, success stories and raving fans.  

Week Seven: Social Media Made Easy - Why You Don’t Need A Thousand Followers, But You Do Need One Special Thing!

In the age of social media made Yoga megastars it can feel like a huge pressure to create massive social media followings, yet there is so much conflicting information and just so darn many choices, that we often don’t know what to do or we are spinning our wheels trying to do it all. There can also be the balancing act of our “personal” self and our Yoga teacher self. Navigating social media is skill that is essential for any Yoga teacher today. Finally, social media is a key aspect of marketing, but there is also a secret ingredient that many marketers and social media gurus overlook. 

In this module you will learn:

  • How to identify what social media platform your students are hanging out on and how to connect with them there. 
  • How to ensure social media is easeful, comfortable and appropriate for you and your students so you are creating connection and inspiration. You will receive a tip sheet on creating social media posts that are meaningful, inspire others and “protect” your privacy.  
  • Where some of the best information, posts and Yoga-related memes can be found so you have a steady stream of material to share.  

Week Eight: Stay Strong – Love Mastery - Handling Competition, Copycats and Naysayers

At some time in your career you may experience the shadow side of business including competition, bad mouthing, gossip and outright naysaying. But this doesn’t have to set you back in anyway if you have key mindsets and powerful practices to not only create with ease, but to move past the arrows of ugliness that can arise in others. 

In this module you will learn:

  • How to karate chop jealousy and tai chi criticism from “competitors” so nothing sticks to you and you remain a model of love and ease. 
  • How to handle “haters” both in person and online.  
  • What to do with your own sense of jealousy, envy or resentment towards others.  
  • Why these things can actually be a blessing and how to uncover the “gold” that leads you to your own mastery. 

BUT….there’s more!!!!!!

Community Support is included!

Each student who invests in this course will have access to the support of a vibrant global Facebook group to connect with other heart-focused Yoga teachers and holistic healers who are also on this journey. Shasta also pops into this Facebook group daily to answer questions, provide guidance and offer up her expertise, and a laugh or two!  

So what is this going to cost you?

Well, it won’t cost you anything.  

This is an investment in your soul purpose, your passion and your prosperity.  

Are you willing to invest in that?

All of the training including the 8-modules, community support and step-by-step action plan to help you get started immediately is only... 

USD $397

Take Action & Register Now !

Is this for me?

You might be wondering if this program is for you. 

It’s for you if: 

  • You are considering taking your Yoga teacher training certification and want the proven “business” practices under your belt before you start. 
  • You have completed a Yoga teacher training program and want to start teaching with real success and ease. 
  • You are an established Yoga teacher, and you want some additional proven tools for success.  

Take the next step today!

Register for The Sacred Success Blueprint now.

USD $397

See What Others Have To Say About The Sacred Blueprint Course

If You Want Financial Freedom, Happiness + Possibility Then DO THIS Program!

"I said yes to The Sacred Success Blueprint because I knew this is what I needed at the end of my 200-hour teacher training. I was feeling overwhelmed and not sure what to do next but The Sacred Success Blueprint program gave me the tools to Know what I want, Do what I want, and Ask for what I want. The program was professional, well organized, and took me step-by-step into the direction of creating the perfect yoga opportunities for me. The program allowed me to be my authentic self and to clearly define what I want.  

I knew that I didn't want my teaching to be temporary income or an intense JOB, and as I clarified my wants, desires, and dreams thanks to this program, the perfect yoga opportunities began to unfold - more than I could ever imagine.  

Today I am working on a new yoga program, with some like minded yoga teachers, and I am really excited about my future. The Sacred Success Blueprint is for those teachers who want to soar like a bird, rise above, and go beyond. If you want financial freedom, happiness, and possibilities, all you must do is ask and you will receive!!"  

-Bev Raven McRorie  

This Helped Me Organize My Thoughts, Gave Me New Ideas + Reach My Potential!

"As a new Yoga teacher, I was really excited to launch my business and bring the practice of yoga to as many people as possible. I had a million ideas but no plan. I didn't even know where to start. I also had people telling me that I was never going to make any money teaching yoga. Feeling discouraged and wondering if I was on the right path. I went looking for help. That's when I came across Balanced Life Yoga and The Sacred Success Blueprint.  

It was exactly what I needed! The program gave me a framework to sort my thoughts, gave me new ideas and tools, and empowered me to realize my potential.  

The course is filled with helpful information that is relevant to today's way of running a business. I was previously overwhelmed by the thought of marketing myself on social media. How was I ever going to keep up with this ever-changing medium? After completing the module on Social Media Mastery, I felt much more comfortable and ready to start reaching even more people.  

I would recommend this course to teachers who are looking to start their business or grow their current venture. Just like any investment in yourself - it's absolutely worth it!"  

-Kathia Fonseka

This Course is a LIFE CHANGER!

"This course gave me step-by step-business strategy from the heart. Shasta taught me that I can be authentic, and support my students, but also that I am worthy of RECEIVING IN RETURN.  

Not only did I find my niche and my passion but I truly feel empowered. I now see that my teaching has deep value and I realize that making money from teaching is OK. I let go of any tension and others opinions about making money and replaced it with new powerful thoughts of value, positivity, and service. I have sold out classes, and feel I am living my life purpose (and getting paid for it!)  

In conclusion this program has help me shape a new vision for myself and for my teachings - that I am enough! All these tools allowed me to be authentic to me and be clear on my life's path and Shasta held the space for me to truly SHINE."  

- Cindy Logan

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